GP Quick Attach

Next up for release is my “Quick Attach” feature. This was simply driven by laziness as people disliked having to open up so many windows just to attach one document. This adds the attach feature to the window you are currently working in.

Prerequisites: This assumes you are on at least 2013 R2 and are using the new Document Attach feature rather than the old OLE notes version. The new version stores the actual files in the SQL database rather than references a shared folder.

Installation: Copy the dll into your Microsoft Dynamics Installation folder’s Add-in folder. Restart GP

Use: Quick attach can be accessed from the following windows using the “Additional” menu that should appear on the toolbar if properly installed.

  • GL Transaction Entry
  • GL Journal Entry Inquiry
  • Payables Transaction Entry
  • Payables Transaction Entry Zoom
  • Sales Entry
  • Sales Inquiry


Download: GPQuickAttach.dll (Version 1.0.5578.18959)

The way I coded the add-in makes it extremely easy to add to a new window. For me, it just takes one line of code to add quick attach to a new window so if others want it on other windows, comment below and I’ll try to update it.


Disclaimer: I am very much an amateur programmer. I have never taken an official Microsoft course. I cannot guarantee any code/program that I provide as I only have the ability to test my work on a small sample set. Users accept all the risk of using anything I provide and are encouraged to thoroughly test in a dedicated test environment before moving to production. Files I provide are free for use and are not to be resold. By using my files you agree to not hold me liable for any damages caused by said files.


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