I am a recent MBA graduate with a major in accounting currently pursuing my CPA designation in Canada. Prior to that I obtained my Bachelor of Mathematics with a major in finance. I have worked in a logistics company, a mining company, an electronic exchange broker that revolved around algorithmic trading and an aviation company. I have always had a passion for computing and automation. After high school I took it upon myself to self teach myself VBA primarily to manipulate simple Excel worksheets. From there I spread into Java and C#. Since then I have picked up Python and SQL as needed by work, and more recently the Microsoft Dynamics GP SDK (Dexterity, Continuum API, and Sanscript).

With the exception of the broker job, all of my jobs have revolved around accounting. The most prominent vibe I would always get is how unconnected IT and accounting usually are despite how lucrative they could be once combined. I have always been complimented on how “smart” and “great” I am at Excel or “wow” people with programs that I have created, but in reality I am simply applying basic programming skills that any computer science student would learn. The difference is that with my business background, it is easy for me to identify the gaps in our processes and use computer science to fill the gap.


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